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Strategic Advisory

Hadley Partners is unusual among experienced investment banking firms in providing strategic advisory services that are not necessarily transactional in nature.   Often our valuation techniques and transaction experience can help clients assess business opportunities and make strategic decisions.  Examples of strategic advisory assignments that we have completed on behalf of our clients include:

  • Valuation Analysis – retained to value consumer products business and assess clients’ options to maximize value
  • Market Analysis – retained to provide market assessment on behalf of significant shareholders in a telecom/Internet company
  • Acquisition Opportunities - retained to provide a business and strategic overview of a specific sub-sector within the consumer products industry and to identify potential acquisition targets
  • Corporate Growth Initiatives - retained to advise on how best to structure and fund a technology business, and how to arrange key personnel compensation and ownership
  • Opportunity Assessment - retained to assess a strategic acquirer’s unsolicited indication of interest in our publishing client relative to our client’s ability to raise growth capital independently

If you feel your company would benefit from these types or similar analyses, please contact one of our bankers.