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Private Placements of Equity

Let’s face it – most middle-market investment banks talk a good game about raising equity capital for their clients, but they are really M&A shops.  At Hadley Partners, we are particularly proud of our successful track record of completing equity capital raises for our clients.  We focus on the first institutional equity round – the toughest round of financing that most companies ever raise - and we believe our success is attributable to the following:

  • Extensive institutional relationships.  We have relationships and dialogues with over 1,100 institutional investors, including private equity groups, hedge funds, venture capital firms and other institutions.  We use these relationships to benefit our clients and we call on all the senior bankers of our firm to target appropriate investors for each client.
  • Excellent judgment.  Most growing businesses should not raise institutional equity, and even for those for which such equity is appropriate it is frequently difficult to determine when a company is ready to take this step.  We have gained significant experience in determining what companies and management groups can successfully attract institutional investors, as well as when they should approach the market.
  • Very high standards.  We only take on world-class equity raise opportunities.  As a result, investors take our calls seriously, and give the appropriate attention to the opportunities we bring to them.
Hadley Partners, Incorporated is a broker-dealer registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and is a member of the Financial Institution Regulatory Authority (formerly the NASD) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation. Our placements are private in nature (exempt from registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission) and offered solely to qualified institutional buyers and accredited investors.


Are you a good candidate for an equity raise?

  • Proven business concept
  • Typical revenue run-rate of $5mm+
  • Business model at/approaching profitability
  • Often already raised “friends & family” financing
  • Demonstrated need of $5 – 50 million
  • Significant market Opportunity