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Private Placements of Debt

The marketplace for debt financing for middle-market companies has changed dramatically in recent years.  Big banks have pulled back or dramatically increased their lending minimums.  Hedge funds, mezzanine funds, commercial finance vehicles and other institutions have exploded in number and in variety, providing a bewildering array of options for middle-market companies.  Many of these debt providers are also actively pursuing equity co-invest opportunities, further complicating the decisions you may need to make about the right capital structure and the right debt providers.

At Hadley Partners, our M&A practice gives us a front-row seat to keep current on the debt markets, and we bolster that by maintaining a dialogue with hundreds of institutional debt providers.  Further, our senior bankers’ collective experience includes hundreds of debt financings exceeding $100 billion (that’s right, billion) in deal value over 20 years.  We are world-class in our knowledge of the debt markets and in our ability to help you navigate through them to achieve your particular objectives.