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Financial Advisory

Hadley Partners provides a variety of financial advisory services that rely on our core competencies in financial analysis and M&A advisory work.  We have completed complex financial advisory assignments for both public and private companies that include fairness opinions, joint venture and strategic business relationship analyses.

Fairness Opinions
Hadley Partners assists Boards of Directors and other fiduciaries with independent and unbiased analyses and opinions as to the fairness of a merger, sale or acquisition transaction.  With our expertise in valuation and market analytics, we provide a thorough analysis of the transaction that includes both financial and structural considerations, as well as a discussion of the alternatives to the transaction.

While we typically provide fairness opinions and other independent analyses for clients with whom we have been engaged on a transaction, we will also take on such assignments when Hadley Partners is not the investment banker on the transaction.  Please contact us if you believe that you can benefit from our capabilities and experience in this area.

Joint Ventures and Strategic Business Relationships
Clients have often found our valuation techniques and financial analyses to be useful in the context of negotiating business development transactions such as joint ventures and other strategic business relationships.  Often, once our middle-market clients have identified and formulated these opportunities, they find significant value in relying in our analytical and transactional expertise to negotiate and close deals on the best terms.  We bring our relationship orientation to these types of assignments as well and work to ensure that the short-term and long-term results of the transaction meet our clients’ objectives.