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Merger & Acquisition Advisory

The heart of our business is our merger & acquisition advisory practice. Hadley Partners has an experienced team, positioning and execution strategies honed from hundreds of transactions in nearly every sector, and the creativity to adapt to new circumstances.  Our track record and roster of satisfied clients speak to our commitment to deliver superior performance for our clients; we will be with you every step of the way.

Sell-Side Assignments
For many business owners, selling their company is the most important financial and business decision they will make in their careers.  A successful sell-side assignment begins with effective preparation. To prepare your company for sale, we conduct thorough due diligence on your company and industry with a goal of maximizing the value of your business through effective positioning and market timing.  We help you prepare offering materials and financial projections that will market your business and prospects most effectively to prospective buyers.  We develop a comprehensive list of potential acquirers and target the appropriate people within each organization we intend to contact.  Most importantly, we have the experience to help you answer the dozens of questions that will arise during the process:

  • Is now the right time to go to market, or would the valuation and outcome be improved materially after achieving certain milestones?
  • Is a targeted approach to a universe of likely buyers more appropriate than the broadest possible auction?
  • Are financial buyers likely to pay a competitive price?
  • Should you audit your financial statements? If so, for how many years?
  • What sensitive business and financial information should you share with prospective buyers, and when?

The answers to these and other questions are all client and situation specific, and we bring our careers’ worth of experience and judgment to bear on your behalf.

Buy-Side Assignments
Companies seeking acquisitions, including strategic roll-ups or consolidations, benefit from our bankers’ investment banking experience, industry expertise and relationships. Our professionals work closely with our buy-side clients, identifying and evaluating potential acquisition targets and helping our clients navigate through the diligence, valuation and negotiation processes. In connection with our buy-side advisory work, we are also well-equipped to raise the acquisition financing.